Giants have taken over the main arenas of epic sports! The world's best players are called upon to free them. You are the one who will help them!
Sports legend for throwing balls. MegaTaras feints with them so that any opponent instantly loses his grip. Fights fearlessly and victorious. No giant can resist!
Superpower Tricky balls
  • Discourages the goalkeeper for 10 seconds
As a child, Torramos played with bulls, and when he grew up, he began to annoy the giants. Controlling rage is his innate talent. Dexterously, calmly and unmistakably, he copes with any opponent.
Superpower Taming
  • -30 to the goalkeeper's intuition
  • the goalkeeper loses his rage
Neuman is one of those who stand firm and know how to defend the territory. He himself spent more than one season at the goal and pulled out more than one save in decisive matches. Therefore, the play of the giants does not evoke in him anything but ridicule. His skills discourage the enemy.
Superpower Taunt
  • -30 frome the goalkeeper strength for 10 seconds
Coqba is the main sniper in the team. The ball at his feet is like water: it seeps into any gap. When this guy takes good aim, even three frame giants are useless. He shoots super accurate and always with taste!
Superpower Concentration
  • The next 10 seconds hits incredibly accurate
Penalty is his strong point. Terminaldo scores them with one left and without looking. His secret is in his dazzling hairstyle. Neutralizes the enemy with a flash, after which everything flies into the goal. His steely punching power and bold attacking power are always spectacular!
Superpower Flash
  • Scores all next 10 seconds
This guy never takes an umbrella with him. Because rain is his element. He can put anyone in a puddle in three seconds.
Superpower Lord of the Storm
  • +50 to accuracy and impact power
  • -20 to goalkeeper agility
FireDeik is the most fiery hero of the team. He burns a thirst for victory and rage towards the enemy. Fast, technical, ubiquitous - not even a fire brigade can stop him, let alone a couple of giants. After all, he plays by his own rules!
Superpower Fireball
  • Cannot be stopped by freezing for the next 10 seconds
The feet were given to Wandovski in order to hit and wear the golden boots. He has wings for running. When he takes a penalty, it's easy to get out of the count, even the scoreboard can't stand it.
Superpower Accurate strike
  • +30 to accuracy and strike speed
  • Immune to Giant's Scream
Stefan is the man of the people. He is on the same page with the stands. When you need to boost up he charges with the roaring energy of the stadium and then he can't be stopped. Bestial courage and a terrifying adrenaline rush boil in his veins!
Superpower Adrenaline
  • +30 speed for 10 seconds
Gladiatore is a man of iron will. He has been tempered for centuries, so the magic of the giants is powerless in front of him. This guy was trained to fight in the arena to the last, which he always does.
Superpower Last dash
  • Protects against the giant's magic for 10 seconds
If Lukazar had been born in the Middle Ages, he could have taken a penalty kick not with a ball, but with cannonballs. Enemies are blown apart by his hits. The giants have no chance against him.
Superpower Strong hit
  • +50 hit power for 10 seconds
This guy gives goosebumps. Not because he is handsome. Because he is terrible. While the enemy stands in confusion, the balls fly into the net.
Superpower Intimidation
  • -30 Goalkeeper Accuracy for 10 seconds
He doesn't need to see the ball to hit. His weapon is intuition. That is why they are hidden under a leather cape. Caveman parries Terminaldo strikes with ease.
Superpower Intuition
  • +50 to Intuition
  • Immunity to Flash
Lord of ice and king of the winter kingdom. Iceman freezes everything that moves. The ball that flies into the goal becomes inert and unpredictable because of the ice. Try to score him.
Superpower Freeze
  • +20 Accuracy
  • +50 Goalkeeper Intuition
He tears down walls with his hands, so the ball is dust to him. You can't score him goal by force. Agility is needed.
Superpower Strength
  • Can withstand any cannon strike
Perhaps the hottest guy in the gang of giants. Fireman burns everything in its path. Fire constantly heats up his rage and gives strength. It's difficult to beat him, but you can.
Superpower Rage
  • +20 Strength
  • +20 Goalkeeper Accuracy
The king of dark magic and ancient spells. His weapon is a magic staff. One movement is enough to make the players' knees tremble, and the ball goes into nowhere.
Superpower Precision
  • Reduces the attacker's accuracy and power by 50%
It is unclear how he does it, but when Madman is on the goal, the players start to miss more often. Whether it's a creepy look or a hard look, something about it definitely confuses players.
Superpower Accuracy
  • Reduces the attacker's accuracy by 20%
This powerful guy won't be scared. With his formidable appearance, he can confuse any football player. Good intuition, which allows him to guess the direction of the hit even before the foot touches the ball. Try to fool him!
Superpower Intuition
  • +50 to Intuition